Week 44 SOTW


@iangramcracker has @calanchini to thank for hashtagging this amazing shot so we could see it. Those eyes! However this was just the beginning. Being Halloween just passed and all it’s fitting that peeking into his Instagram feed is for the photographer with a sweet tooth. Man his stuff is sugar for the eyes. He has a cracking frank style – a very suburban matter-of-fact-ness with details that slap you in the face by his art of the quirky juxtaposition. But you just gotta open up the images, see them large to appreciate the micro-narratives each shot possesses. On the iPad they really shine and are freakin’ fabulous moments of observation. Contemporary reference points which echo The Family of Man but usher it into the now. The plastique of us. The hilarity of all our wild and wacky and utterly temporary if not useless stuff. This guy just oozes the unbearable lightness of seeing and could be a great contender for the King of Quirky. Dig in and enjoy your sugar rush!


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