Week 47 SOTW


I have been a long time admirer of @odespicht’s work, especially of his female portraits. I feel no writing of mine can capture the subtle essence of which he renders his sitters. There they are, floating delicately in a timeless box, lofting in the air as a fresh sweet scent enters a room. @odespicht’s women (this should have its own hashtag) are isolated portraits of a latent sexuality, simmering within the female form, detached and enigmatic, dominant in their pose within the domestic backdrop which remains simple, everyday, common. These young women are the antithesis of the the IG girl shot – no pouts or natural figures racked into anorexic positions. @oldespicht may even be putting the universe back in balance with his depiction of young women. At a time when twerking with a father-figure BeetleJuice is promoted as the new role model for young women, @oldespicht shows us an alternative view. These young ladies are slow and cautious, coquettish yes, but of a mature nature and strength. Their stares are intense – they challenge the viewer in a kinda Taxi Driver way. ‘You looking at me?’ to which the viewer may reply– I can’t resist – should I not? The confidence he draws from these young models is extraordinary. @oldspicht steps outside of the norm and performs something simple but empowering. His sitters pose beautifully, but manitain a power. Well worth the visit.

IG | @odespicht

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