CONTACTsheet No 6


(click on photo to go LARGE)

Every four weeks we feature a collection of photographs that capture the hashtag of man in a fresh light. These images step outside of the box, bringing with them a contemporary flavour to the 1954 original. It is also a chance to look up other photographers and dig a bit deper into the endless talent that exists here on IG. As we move ever closer to the 10,000 image mark I’d like to personally thank you for your continued support and ongoing submissions. It has been an exciting project to date and currently I am researching some options which I will announce at that milestone 10,000. Keep the images flowing, pass the word around – post to #thehashtagofman. Over and out.

From left to right, top to bottom rows –

@karenpercelle @dicktoasttoe @andrea_paras

@odespicht @blacksmithpat @lorcanfinnegan

@suzanz @andicandie @sabrinamero

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