Week 30 SOTW


Pack your bags folks we’re off on an adventure. This work is not the usual stuff I see around here on IG but then again with 100 million users out there we haven’t bumped into each other yet. Well until now. Who let the National Geographic photographer in the house?  @9magdalena9 has a body of work so rich and colourful you can almost smell the places she’s visited. Really. Her lens takes us into a far off exotic landscape washed in a wealth of colour where folks posed with welcoming yet curious eyes aren’t just being looked at but are looking back. These are active and engaging images. The fact that the people she captures, women, men and children, are all so wonderfully and intensely beautiful certainly makes the viewing of her feed easy on the eye. Atmospheric, colourful, loaded with light and expression keep an eye out for her use of details like a twinkling catchlight caught in children’s eyes, backlit tobacco smoke lofting to vignette proud men, and finding the right moment where cloth unfolds in the most serendipitous manner to expose the faces of stunning women. Make sure you have your passport. The plane is about to leave. Namaste.

IG @9magdalena9


One comment

  1. ewaledeboer

    I wish i could use words so beautifully to describe Magdalena’s pictures as you just did. What can i say… Every time i see her photos i can imagine myself there, wherever they are taken, talking with people she takes photos of, almost touching them and understanding what’s behind these eyes and smiles. It is an unbelievable talent she possesses and i wish we could all encourage Magdalena Bagrianow-Kay to publish her works, a book, a gallery, anything because Facebook and Instagram are simply not enough.

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