Week 31 SOTW


Peering between the crowds at the collapsing order of a city, @mirkon’s mobile sized visual dystopia has us gasping for air. His murky, blurred, dark and broody portraits serve as an acid attack on IG’s surface allowing for a fresh albeit somewhat claustrophobic feed. There is a lost anthem playing throughout, and his aesthetic serves well as high and low notes to capture the dis-ease at the core of a metropolis. Every once in a while he loosens his grip, tosses in a smile or friendly glance to soften the tone, but in this context they only show another state of meltdown. For those looking for a lesson in what accident and the imperfect can achieve I highly suggest you come here. @mirkon is a risk taker with an alchemist’s talent mixing composition, postproduction, exposure, pov … I think the only thing he traditionally keeps in check is the use of a black key line. This distorted set of protagonists I found are best viewed if one zooms out and looks at the contact sheet form. Here the collection unfolds in a haunting frame by frame account of his version of a city. Either up close or from a distance @mirkon’s unique perspective is a plunge into dark pools of monochromatic disorder and certainly worth a visit.

IG @mirkon

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