Week 18 SOTW


Week 18
The outstanding visual poetry and sensitive eye of Sydney based pro and long term project photographer Markus Andersen aka @theseventhshore will pull you in by its thick “printing” and disorientating mix of light, contrast and composition. This blend produces a powerful impact that kinda knuckles you on the jaw with a bite of reality within these fleeting, in-between moments between strangers. Markus takes the banal, the lost, the passing and through his high contrast treatment abstracts the reality and authors a beautiful film noir pastiche. The subjects are stuck in the today but remain classical nonetheless. Frozen, caught in their own worlds so exactly, a viewer can almost hear the thoughts and one can feel like they are witness to a secret. People enter and exit through chasms of light and we are left suspended in animation. Where are they going? Where are they heading? What have they done? What are they planning? All questions viewers will be asking.  Take a tour through this talented photographers body of work. His style is consistent, his narrative has impact and his eye for carving out the quiet amongst the noise is exceptional.


To find out more or take part in this project read about it here.

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