Week 21 SOTW


Week 21.

What a week folks. Apologies in not getting this out sooner. Had our first Masters presentations to a room full of professors and some industry readers last week so time was a bit thin.

However In the background, stewing, knowing that this is the next photographer to feature, kept a certain momentum brewing. So we bring to your attention the haunting works of Chris Lizon or @clizon and his documentation of his daughter Emma.

When this work first trickled into the #thehashtagofman it was tough to place. It was like – aren’t photographs of children supposed to be bright and colourful? And then one thinks of Sally Mann, Mary Ellen Mark, Eugene Smith and poof goes that thought. So here you have a father recording his daughter in these images lacquered with nostalgic tone. These are now and then – the past already rendered in the act of the picture making. Streaming through his feed is like putting your hand out in a dark, able to just make out things but not quite. After all the bright lights and colours of the IG ecosystem coming into @clizon’s feed you need to give your eyes time to adjust. And you have to slow down, this is not a cotton candy feed. In the darkness there is a magic, but it’s not explicit. It’s tender, delicate, deep. If you scroll far enough back you can see he used colour at one point but them assigned himself to this aesthetic and remained committed to it ever since – over a year long collaboration of content and style. This commitment seems to be metaphorical. It’s certainly unique and well worth slowing time down to view this feed one poetic image at a time. The narrative is fascinating and rich. It brings a depth to IG that is not normally on view.

IG: @clizon

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