Week 22 SOTW


Week 22.

This is one of those hiccup weeks folks. Where yours truly got so bogged down with studies and deadlines that he missed a week contibution. So to bring it all back into equilibrium may I introduce this week’s feature: @winnab.  

How could #thehashtagofman feed exist without the highs and lows of humans in transport. And big city stuff usually amounts to some pretty interesting pictures. @winnab has found a niche on the subway or “Tube” of London. Picking seats strategically @winnab has the front row to acts and performances on all fronts of the human social spectrum. The seat becomes our theatre as we witness the uncomfortable and sad to the hilarious and poignant.

Being a train rider myself it is easy to get lost in a book, or dip ones head into the glow from a mobile device.  While I do look and at times stare at people, @winnab’s camera freezes what the eye, the mind wishes not to see or gets interrupted during the seeing. The broadsheet becomes an etching out of space, a momentary staking of ownership, a shield, a place to hide from the world – but not from @winnab’s camera. I love the voyeurism of this work, the secrecy that exists, that authors pure, unguarded moments. Whether the person is caught within their own crisis  or the bringing together of strangers sitting seat by seat produces something worthy of immersion performance, sitting across from the actors of @winnab’s play is pure life as theatre. The colours and exposure only add to the ambience of these moments. The world may be blurs in the background windows, but on board of @winnab’s world there is nothing of the sort – these artefacts of emotion are sharp in the detail of life and we witness them head on.

IG: @winnab

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