Week 23 SOTW


Wow… what a fantastic week of excitement. @thehashtagofman has been posted on Goldsmiths academic blog – http://www.goldsmithsdesignblog.com/blog…. you may have to scroll down since they feed quite often.  And we’re really excited about the Summer Soul-stice. Get ready for that snappin’ action folks. But what’s REALLY exciting is dipping into some work that came in to #thehashtagofman a few weeks ago and it’s only now that I finally get to write about it.

Rolling through @starglo’s feed is like going virtual beachcombing. Passing between images of family and family life you find these images which feel like absolute classics. Maybe I’m biased but isn’t there a hint or Mary Ellen Mark whispering within the in between? I get lost in these ephemeral portraits,  moments I question if there was even the presence of a camera for their purity of render. These are not images in the light of my phone, but glimpses into a silent lucidity, a comprehension so pure of presence my eyes feel cleansed.

I often wonder if her edit did not include these “snapshots” that we all take, the closeup selfies with friends, the odd landscape, the banal in the everything (“Must. Document. Everything” is her tagline) then the eye would feast on only complete sugar. Or fat. Or whatever vice fits this metaphor.


You need the teaspoon of bicarb, the pinch of salt to give flavour to this. But its the opposite which is happening. It’s not a gluttonous feast, like junkfood Saturday’s around our house that’s on offer. This is a clean foods menu. I am left feeling ful-filled.

Do take a look through her feed. Try to slow it down. I highly recommend beachcombing. Its worth it.

IG @starglo
W alisonfechtel.wordpress.com

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