Week 29 SOTW


Pow! There it is. Raw. Real. Street. No filter. No gimmick. Just the truth. A prolific contributor to #thehashtagofman his images pepper the hashtag with his very distinct content and style. There were so many to choose from @_xST portfolio. From Philly folks drifting across his viewfinder in a suspended space, to frank, face to face portraits of folks in the urbane, some gentle others hard,very hard, but all looking right into the our eye thanks to his unabashed point of view. @_xST wonders the street like a anthropologist, taking field studies of the urban landscape, with a keen focus on its inhabitants, the people that flower through the brick and concrete. If you suffer from that common fear of photographing strangers, this IS your man. He is a wizard at the up close and personal and his work gives us permission to stare. He is able to control the busy backgrounds of the urban and give us enough stage to provide context for his portraits. The balance is bang on. The colours, the angles, the light and looseness of his approach all paint a consistent, grounded portfolio. His work breaks through the usual IG people portraiture. The magic within his workis that each face, each eye to eye contact, frame by frame teleports a message – and each has its own unique story. This is not something easily accomplished but he does it with such skill. @_xST feed is a reality tour around the streets of Philadelphia. Take a visit and don’t be afraid to stare.

IG _@xST
W facebook.com/the.xSTart

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