Week 15 SOTW


Week 15
We’re a week behind so you get a bonus feature this week. And what a feature. Roxie Sunderlund is a singer/ songwriter who suggests that she is still learning photography. A quick trip through her IG portfolio and one would think a heckuvalot different – you’d easily think that it is she who could be teaching others! Her images are a sharp and humorous record of life – with some classic references to original Family of Man material albeit somewhat updated. There exists a bit of a Parr-esque lens which she looks through, spotting the excess, the cluttered, all the brilliant and explicit that slaps us in the face in a day to day manner and of which many of us have become numb to. These small explosions of the obvious make for some great “aha” moments when viewing. Her finds and compositional arrangement prove for a good mix and make photography entertaining to look at. Check her out @roxiesunderland.

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