Week 16 SOTW


Week 16
Greg Briggs. One more time…. Greg Briggs. Remember that name. My index finger hurt from writing #thehashtagofman so many times on too many of his IG images. Don’t believe me? One of his images made it into the Mobile Photography Awards exhibition at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art in New York and we can imagine how many mobile images he competed against. All this attention and this chap is still studying in school.

This image is just a perfect shot to welcome in the warm weather and the fresh summer season that is amidst us. Those who know Magnum photographer Bruce Gilden will know he likes to say – ‘If you can smell the street in a photograph its a successful street photograph’. This may not be a street image but you can smell summer in this shot and so its a winner for us. Go on over to @gregbriggs and there will be many images that come to life. Pack a picnic though as it’ll take you all day to get through his 3283 images but its a heckuva ride with a lot of great scenery. This week’s SOTW goes out to Greg Briggs.

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